Babyleo Incubator

We urgently need your help to raise $56,000 for a new intensive care Babyleo Incubator for the tiniest patients born in our region.

From Hardship to Hope… Kids Health Fund

Launched in October 2016, the Foundation and Taranaki DHB have collaborated to develop this new FUND to ‘strengthen Taranaki families throughout their children’s medical journeys, ensuring they are better placed to cope and help their children heal.’

Call to help save babies’ lives

Taranaki people are being asked to help keep babies safe while sleeping.
Every year, between 40 and 50 babies die from sudden unexpected death in New Zealand and sadly half of those are accidentally suffocated by their parents while sleeping in the same bed.

There is a safe and proven solution – Pēpi Pods, which are similar to a bassinet and are for babies that do not already have their own suitable safe sleep space.

The Taranaki Health Foundation is seeking funds to buy life-saving Pēpi Pods plus mattresses and safe bedding for each. These will enable babies at risk to sleep safely in their own space.

The pod are free to at-risk families, especially those in a smoking environment, have low birthweight, are preterm and includes parents that do not have a safe sleep space as well as Maori babies who have a higher rate of SUDI.

Along with donations of money to buy new pods we are calling for people who can knit or crochet to make pure wool blankets for infants using Pēpi Pods. 

If people can’t knit or crochet, they could donate pure wool or even old woollen blankets, which can be cut up and sewn into pod-sized coverings.
The hand-made blankets need to be 70cm wide and 60cm long. Patterns can be collected from Countdown Stores in Taranaki.

People can make donations of wool, sheets or blankets by contacting Foundation Administrator Tasha Kupe 021 533 234 or 06 753 8688 or email

To make a cash donationclick hereto go to the donation page, and then scroll down to From Hardship to Hope Campaign.
For more information click here or contact Bry Kopu-Scott 06 753 8688 or email

Countdown Kids Appeal

The 2019 Countdown Kids Hospital Appeal was nationally launched, with the aim of raising more than $1 million to help make a significant difference to thousands of sick Kiwi kids and their families. This year's appeal ran from 5 August to 27 October 2019 with our focus in Taranaki on raising funds towards life saving equipment for Taranaki DHB’s Child and Maternity Services.

DHB chief operating officer Gill Campbell is grateful for the opportunity to work alongside Countdown and the Countdown staff once again this year. “Our DHB massively appreciates the work that goes into making this appeal a success. With new equipment and technology for our Child and Maternity services we can help Taranaki families stay in the region for treatment rather than having to be transferred to another hospital,” she says.

This year’s medical equipment wish list included:
- Drager Babylog ventilator for the Neonatal Unit
- A hand held Accuvein monitor with infrared lights to find veins in children
- A mobility tray, ReTurn and Footstool designed for children in wheelchairs
- E-flow rapid nebulisers
- A prem baby mannequin for resuscitation training purposes
- Exergen Temporal Thermometer to take children’s temperature more easily

Taranaki Health Foundation general manager Bry Kopu is encouraged by the community support we experienced to help raise the funds during the three month campaign. We eagerly await the result of the fundraising effort from our wonderful partners.

PHOTO: Bry Kopu-Scott with Countdown Manager Shaun Wall

Fundraiser for neo natal intensive care incubator still needs $36,000

A campaign to raise money for a new intensive care incubator for Taranaki’s neo natal ward has raised $20,000 of the $56,000 needed.

The aim is to raise the money before Christmas, so the new incubator can be ready for use at Taranaki Base Hospital early in the new year, Taranaki Health Foundation General Manager Bry Kopu-Scott said.

The Babyleo Incuwarmer is an intensive care incubator for babies who require a higher level of specialist care.

‘’Great news, we have raised $20,000 so far towards our $56,000 goal. We need another $36,000 before year end, which is very do-able if we have everyone on board before 25 December.’’

* $56,000 needed for incubator at neonatal unit at Taranaki Base Hospital

The Foundation has sent out letters to sponsors and donors and will be starting a phone appeal next week to raise the remaining funds, Kopu-Scott said.

‘’We hit the $20,000 mark yesterday as St Paul de Vincent Hāwera held a special meeting to donate $5000 to the appeal. This was such great news and much appreciated. They have donated before and done so under the radar.’’

Kopu-Scott said the incubator would benefit babies from all over Taranaki.

Anyone wanting to donate can go to

High-tech equipment to help sick Taranaki children

Taranaki children have received high-tech medical equipment thanks to a donation from the Dairy Goat Co-operative Trust.

The donation has allowed for the purchase of a hand-held Accuvein monitor, which uses infrared light to easily find tiny veins in hands, child-friendly nebulisers, to administer medication straight to the lungs, and forehead thermometers for the Taranaki District Health Board’s Child and Adolescent Community Centre.

Taranaki Base Hospital's acute paediatric ward clinical nurse manager Jessica Beattie said the Accuvein monitor helped put children at ease during the uncomfortable procedure of inserting a needle to draw blood or give medication.