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We never underestimate the value of volunteers. Whether you’re a keen gardener who wants to help establish gardens at the hospital, or you want to participate in fundraisers or other events, your time will be greatly appreciated

You're an amazing person

No matter who you are, you have skills that we want to put to use. Whilst financial donations are always appreciated, often we need people like you to donate their time to help get things done. This may be to plant the vast gardens around the New east Wing Building that will make the hospital a pleasant palce to be. Or maybe as a marshall at fundraising events - making sure people know where to go and how to support us.

If you would like to dedicate some time to the Taranaki Health Foudantion, please fill in the form with your details and we will keep you up to date when opportunities arise. If you have specific skills, then please let us know.

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Previous volunteering events

Renal Garden Planting
Renal garden volunteers

A team of volunteers helped plant over 1,000 plants as part of the gardens for the Renal Unit Te Huhi Raupō.