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Mahi Force

We never underestimate the value of volunteers. Whether you’re a keen gardener who wants to help establish gardens at the hospital, or you want to participate in fundraisers or other events, your time will be greatly appreciated

Upcoming volunteering opportuniy

Gift Wrapping at Centre City

Do you enjoy wrapping gifts? We need volunteers to join our mahi force and provide a wrapping service at Centre City throughout December. If you enjoy wrapping gifts and will have a few hours spare in December, we would love to hear from you!

Hands wrapping a gift

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Date Session 1 start time Session 1 end time Session 2 start time Session 2 end time
6 Dec Full Full - -
7 Dec Full Full - -
8 Dec 10am 2pm - -
9 Dec 10am 1pm 1pm 4pm
10 Dec 10am 1pm 1pm 4pm
11 Dec Full Full - -
12 Dec 10am 2pm - -
13 Dec 10am 2pm - -
14 Dec Full Full 3pm 7pm
15 Dec Full Full - -
16 Dec Full Full 1pm 4pm
17 Dec Full Full Full Full
18 Dec Full Full 1pm 4pm
19 Dec 10am 1pm Full Full
20 Dec 10am 2pm 3pm 7pm
21 Dec 10am 2pm 3pm 7pm
22 Dec 10am 2pm 3pm 7pm
23 Dec Full Full 3pm 7pm
24 Dec Full Full - -

Previous volunteering events

Renal Garden Planting
Renal garden volunteers

A team of volunteers helped plant over 1,000 plants as part of the gardens for the Renal Unit Te Huhi Raupō.