One small step...

A Methanex fundraising challenge

Newborn baby in an incubator

Thank you to everyone involved!

Because of your tireless effort, and incredible generosity, the One Small Step challemge has raised an incredible


A huige thank you to everyone who has been part of this, whether as a participant or as a donor. Your efforts and generosity will make an incredible impact to the Methanex Neonatal unit.

Thank you to all our donors

Team Donor Amount
Cirque du Sore Legs Suzannah Snowdon $30
Pulmonary Strides Lucia Smith $30
The Hotdogs Matt Smith $30
Hotdogs Matt Smith $30
One small step Paula Stevenson $120
The smooth operators Stefan Webling $30
Hot Steppers Renee Manella $30
Bouncing Booties Krystle George $30
The smooth operators Brent Wall $30
Red Hot Chilli Steppers Lee Parsons $30
Little Feet Paula Stevenson $30
Globie Trotters Melissa Wood $30
Globie Trotters STUART BRADY $30
The smooth operators Jaylene Ellis $30
One small step Kerry Neilson $30
Walking With Gas Kerry Neilson $150
Jason's Jandals Bharathi Sathya $40
Globie Trotters STUART BRADY $100
Globie Trotters Jason Clement $100
Jason's Jandals Robert Ramsay $30
Jason's Jandals Tara Allerton $30
Cirque du Sore Legs Gary Rooks $200
Jason's Jandals Greg Chapman $20
Jason's Jandals Keith Simms $20
Jason's Jandals Jason Ponting $44
Jason's Jandals Steven Barham $30
Cirque du Sore Legs Luther Snowdon $100
Jason's Jandals Sammy Chiu $20
Maintenance Warriors Karla Gibson $20
Cirque du Sore Legs Kay Grigg $50
The smooth operators Dave Hunt $50
Hotdogs Aaron Jannings $10
Hotdogs Laura Bennett $30
Hotdogs Ben Smith $10
Cirque du Sore Legs LarryFliss Wilson $50
Hotdogs Fletcher Broderick $20
Maintenance Warriors Lesley Bird $30
Hotdogs Diane Horgan $40
Hot Steppers Elaine Rollins $20
Hot Steppers Albie Covello $100
D.I.C.E. Phil Manning $30
Bouncing Booties Krystle George $50
Hot Steppers Steph Julian $50
Hotdogs Jade Bellringer $50
Maintenance Warriors Skye Freeman $20
Maintenance Warriors Geraldine & Bruce Hamilton $100
Maintenance Warriors Greg Dollimore $100
Hotdogs Cindy Luond $20
Hotdogs The Agents $20
Globie Trotters Justin Clement $100
Hotdogs Leigh Buchanan $25
Hotdogs Robert Buchanan $20
Hotdogs Bryce Clements $20
Hotdogs Bevan Wisnewski $50
Hot Steppers Amy Fale $200
Cirque du Sore Legs Carla Jones $20
Maintenance Warriors Rob Hamilton $30
D.I.C.E. Greg S $50
Globie Trotters Alastair Chambers $50
Maintenance Warriors Matt Kerrisk $30
Globie Trotters Aviad Itckovitc $66
Hot Steppers Megan Barr $10
Cirque du Sore Legs Chris & Cynthia Wells $100
Hot Steppers Alistair Simmers $100
Red Hot Chilli Steppers Simon Wilson $20
D.I.C.E. Raziff Amin $100
D.I.C.E. Jason Fever $20
D.I.C.E. Partice Warren $10
Hotdogs Tracy O?Sullivan $15
D.I.C.E. Chris Musgrave $50
Hotdogs Gwen Horgan $10
Hotdogs Sandie Simons $20
D.I.C.E. Leif & Susan Warren $111
Globie Trotters Rebecca Moratti $25
Globie Trotters Rachel Maxwell $50
Little Feet Karen Ansley $500
D.I.C.E. James McKillop $100
D.I.C.E. James McKillop $100
Aunties Walkie Talkies Quintin Oakes $200
Hotdogs Ross Feek $10
Globie Trotters Possum Velenski $10
Globie Trotters Dale Wood $25
D.I.C.E. Erin Roche $50
Jason's Jandals LL P $19
Jason's Jandals Lisa Ponting $55
Little Feet Christine Wilkinson $50
Gas Busters Brydee Wood $50
D.I.C.E. Tony Culliford $20
D.I.C.E. Alistair Gall $20
D.I.C.E. Mark Lavus $100
D.I.C.E. John Glavey $100
Globie Trotters Matthew Geary $200
Maintenance Warriors Sam Tait $50
Maintenance Warriors Josie Wilks $20
D.I.C.E. John Moodie $20
Globie Trotters Ry Collier $50
D.I.C.E. Vanessa Robinson $50
Little Feet Maire Gill $110
Little Feet Tracey Meyer $20
Little Feet Lesley Gillbanks $25
Little Feet Cafe Donations $32
Jason's Jandals John Maessen $20
D.I.C.E. John M $20
Maintenance Warriors Mike Kingi $50
Maintenance Warriors Arran Beasley $50
Maintenance Warriors Roger Clarkson $50
Aunties Walkie Talkies Alistair Gall $20
D.I.C.E. Reah Almira $20
Hotdogs Sharon Beckett $20
Hotdogs Bryce Clements $20
Little Feet Sue Honeyfield $20
Walking With Gas Bree Ewans $20
Walking With Gas Clive Jury $100
Walking With Gas Lyn McDonald $20
Walking With Gas Evan Jury $50
Walking With Gas Christine Snowdon $100
Walking With Gas Jenna Sears $20
D.I.C.E. Mark Lavus $100
Maintenance Warriors Euan Ritchie $50
Walking With Gas Melissa Klemra $20
The smooth operators Greer Lean $50
Red Hot Chilli Steppers Lee Parsons $100
The smooth operators Kevin Elliott $50
Red Hot Chilli Steppers Hayley Flay $100
Red Hot Chilli Steppers Warren Stokes $100
D.I.C.E. Martin Tatham $50
Jason's Jandals Martin Tatham $50
Gas Busters Keely Feaver $50
The smooth operators Webs petroleum services Webling $50
The smooth operators Webs petroleum services Webling $50
The smooth operators Haus of Design ltd A Webling $100
The smooth operators Brittany Webling $100
Maintenance Warriors Dave Morris $10
Hot Steppers Ahmed Al-Jumaily $50
Little Feet Kymon Hill $500